I'm Nicole Zonnenberg, a software engineer @Fearless.

Passionate about accessibility, equity, and visibility in tech, I work in government and private spaces to improve tech and tech literacy.

In my free time, I enjoy painting, crochet, circus, and playing board games and TTRPGs with friends.

Selected Projects

For more of my projects, visit my github where you can find repos for all of my public projects.
Student Rooster
An application that allows teachers to track students' class history.
Ruby on Rails
GenCon Calendar
Application that helps search for and filter over 19,000 events for GenCon, a board game and RPG convention.

Selected Articles

  Basic Color Theory for Web Developers
How to make your website look good when you can't even match your socks. (15k+ views)
  ReactJS Good Practices
Written exercise for engineering cohort.
  From a chocolate factory to a software firm
  What is Tech Debt?